Lessons from The Winter Games.

Watching the Olympic Games has been one of the most inspiring past-times I can remember. I'm overwhelmed by the awe and joy that I feel when young people have worked so hard, with so much dedication and self-sacrifice, for the dream that they have dreamed as long as they can remember.

We could say they were born different than the rest of us, with a combination of muscle-twitch speed, muscular advantages, body type, and for some, that is undoubtedly accurate. However, many people, have some or most of these characteristics.

Those people who excel have something more sustaining that athletic advantage. They have commitment. They will work past exhaustion to perfect their game. They work through doubt and fear. They get past failures, in fact, they know they will fail most of the time, yet they persevere. They have cultivated the mindsets of winning and lean on that mindset when they experience doubt or fear.

Get better. Be dedicated. Learn new skills. Improve. Up-level their game again and again. Win a gold, silver or bronze medal, or none at all. They fail, they dust themselves off, and try again, because that is what it takes to get to the top of the game. It's so inspiring that it brings tears to my eyes.

So, what does this have to do with couples?

To me, the qualities listed above also characterize those couples who have a happy and successful relationship. None of us can get there without commitment, dedication and the mindset that enables us to try and try again.

Relationships have many "sports" to master-communication, resolving conflicts, empathy, forgiveness, keeping focused on the mindsets that foster good relationships.

Like athletes, couples have many distractions that can take them off course. Family strife, a new baby, teenage children, job loss, health issues in family or their own. The list is endless. Yet, through all of these, couples need to stay focused, as much as possible, on the relationship, while they manage the other life events.

Just as an athlete needs a coach and needs training, so does a couple.

Being a successful partner in a couple is one of the most important things in life. Because our relationships are so important to us, it stands to reason that we could be much better at relationships if we got training and coaching.

Many people think that they are supposed to automatically know how to be a good partner. Then, when they find out how difficult it is and the skills involved, they feel ashamed that they aren't succeeding like they want to. They don't realize the success they could have through seeking training and coaching to learn the skills that would enable them to rock their relationship.

Think about how far an Olympic athlete would get if they assumed they were just supposed to know how to skate like an angel, ski like the wind, hit the puck in the net, curl like a pro (are there curling pros?). They would be sitting home watching the Olympics on TV, instead of being there!

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With Love, Carol

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