Are You and Your Partner Disconnected and Struggling?

I’m Dr. Carol Henry and I’m a relationship coach and online couples’ teacher. I have helped hundreds of couples grow their relationship from being a struggling and disconnected duo to living the relationship of their dreams.

That isn’t how my relationship was some years ago, though. I got married in my 20s and thought I was with the man of my dreams. At first, we had a lot of fun together and enjoyed the life that we were building. Gradually though, things turned darker.

I had many unspoken dissatisfactions and expectations, hurt feelings and grievances. But they remained unspoken. I know he had some too. Neither of us had any idea about what to do about the difficulties that we were having.

We didn’t understand that we should be discussing all these things with each other as well as talking about our dreams and hopes. No one had modeled or taught us that if there are problems, talk about them and work them out. And we weren’t able to figure it out by ourselves.

Instead, we got divorced after 4 ½ years. We were both sad and quite mystified about how this happened. We were at rock bottom. But we were still clueless as to why, I’m sorry to report.

I’m writing this to prevent you from making those same mistakes that I made in my first marriage.. I don’t want you to have the pain and sadness that I felt. And the lack of self-awareness. We didn’t have a vision about where we wanted to be headed, so we didn’t plan how to get there.

I was planning to get my PhD, which I did. In my studies, I learned all that I could about love relationships so that I could help people create relationships that were filled with love, compassion and respect. To build a relationship in which each partner is able to flourish and be their best selves.

Our obstacles. Part of learning to create a great relationship is overcoming some obstacles. Our mindsets (our habits of thinking) need to be examined. If you, like me in my first marriage, have a mindset that you can’t address a problem in a relationship by talking about it, then you’re going to have trouble.

If you don’t have a shared vision for your lives together, you won’t have a pathway to get there, since you don’t have a clear idea of where “there” is.

If you don’t have communication skills and techniques in your relationship toolbox, then trouble is ahead.

If you don’t have a mentor coach who you can call when you get stuck, then you stay stuck doing the same old thing that didn’t serve you well, before.

Options. I’ve helped many hundreds of couples grow their relationships so that they can be described as exceptional. And that’s what I’ve done for the past 30+ years.

And I also was married to my second husband for 25 years (my husband passed away after that) and built a wonderful family of two children, each with amazing spouses, and now, 4 grandchildren with another on the way. We love each other deeply and get together as often as possible.

I’m so glad that I learned to be the spouse I wanted to be, and the model for my children about how to love and respect each other and to be that kind of partner in their marriages.

And now, I’ve started an online business called Exceptional Couples Academy, to take this knowledge and vast experience to more and more couples, so that they can build the relationships of their dreams. It’s my purpose and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity.

The very first program I’m offering is private relationship coaching, which I call, The Pathway to Your Exceptional Relationship. This initial offering takes you from where you are now, to the relationship of your dreams. You’ll be getting private time with me, with my 30+ years of experience, to link arms with you and teach you to steps to take and the skills to learn so that you achieve your dream relationship and know how to sustain it over the years. Plus the bonus of my brand new course, “The Communication School, How to talk with your partner about anything and everything and grow closer because of it”. You will end up mastering communication so that you can use that expertise throughout your lives.

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