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Welcome to your  Holiday De-stress Games.

I’m so glad you decided to try these games, because they have truly helped many couples have much more enjoyable holidays, with a lot less stress.


And that’s what we need, right?----Easy and peaceful holidays with the spirit of giving, celebration of family (whatever that means to you) and joy!

Game 1:  The Holiday Prediction Game

This game  is my original one, which was born out of the stress and dread that couples told me was their primary experience of the holidays.


Since I’m always looking for powerful ways to help people take charge of their experiences and change how they feel during those experiences, I created this game. 


The game is about potentially negative occurrences that people worry about when thinking about the holiday celebrations, because negative things can (and do, sometimes) happen.  


AND, couples, when they’re “in it together”,can bond and get some fun from an incident that has been awful in the past.   And that  they’ve previously argued about, sometimes hurtfully argued. 


 And NO, it’s not magic.  


Couples can become aligned and supportive of each other during times of stress. The game lowers the negative impact of events and provides some light-hearted fun too.

Taking Notes
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Game 2:  Gratitude is Always Possible Game

The second game  Gratitude is Always Possible was created because it is ALWAYS important to look for the positive things that you can be grateful for.  


When you look for things to be grateful for, daily, no matter what the circumstances, your brain begins to scan for the good around you.  And, as you probably predicted, your mood changes in a positive direction.

There are two games which are similar and also different in what they focus on.