Happy Couple

Hey There,

Here are the directions for the Holiday Prediction Game.



Each of you:


  1.  Makes a list of 8 problematic things that they think will happen during the time they’re together with their family.  WRITE THEM DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER OR AN INDEX CARD.


Ideally, the things you list are actions or attitudes that you have experienced before in this setting.  You’re now predicting that they will happen again this year.  


Here are some examples:  


Uncle Joe gets drunk and is rude 

Your  mother-in-law criticizes you because your 2-year old isn’t toilet trained

No one talks to your spouse--just with each other

Your are expected to do all the dishes by yourself

Your father in law criticizes your partner’s job because he thinks he doesn’t make enough money. 

The teenagers disappear and stay away for hours.


  1. Read each other’s lists..


   2.Take the lists with you to the event (or on the trip).  Keep them a secret from the other people, but not from each other.


After doing these 3 things you now have 2 lists of possible behaviors.  And now, the fun begins!



During the events, you check off the items on the list as they occur.  


Note:  Since you both know what’s on each other’s list, make sure you share a glance and a smile when one of the items happens. 


The winner is the one whose list gets completed first.  


Of course, you’re both winners, because you’ve turned stress into a way to bond and align, with your knowing glances and smiles.  


And at the end of the day, talk and laugh about it.  


EXTRA FUN:  Instead of just a list, turn the list into a Bingo game.  


Click button to download the BINGO Card.


Please note:  The game is designed to help you take the stressful behaviors from being a source of pain and resentment into a bonding experience with you two, as you check them off on the lists or on the Bingo board.



Couple Scrapbooking


Here are the directions for the Gratitude is Always Possible Game.


Each of you:


1. Take either a notebook or a few index cards. 


2. Write down at least three things that you’re grateful for, that relates to the event and the people that will be there.


3. Do this after you’ve made your list for the Prediction game.


  • At the end of each day of the events, write down at least 3 things that happened that you’re grateful for.

  • Notice how you feel after you write down your gratitudes.

  • Share them with each other.


4. Whoever has the most, is the winner and gets a big kiss.  (So you’re both  winners, really!)


Remember that you can train your brain to notice things to be grateful for.  Gratitude is a powerful stress-reducer, so get ready to feel good!  

Holiday Presents

Enjoy the holidays!  I hope these games help you to feel happy, more peaceful and to have some fun.


With love,



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