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Hi There!


The mission at the Exceptional Couples Academy is to help thousands of couples grow their relationship from where they are today to achieving the relationship of their dreams. 


The intention is to teach couples the tools, strategies and mindsets they need to be an exceptional couple—loving, peaceful, connected and joyful.    


We are dedicated to excellence in all that we do.  We support our clients and over-deliver what they need to be successful and happy in their relationships and to sustain the growth over all their years.     


I’m Dr. Carol J Henry, a couples expert, teacher and relationship coach with 30+ years of experience helping many hundreds of couples.


As a couples coach and teacher, I am:

  • Experienced

  • Warm

  • Interactive

  • Practical

  • Focused and strategic

  • Goal-oriented

  • Action-oriented

  • Optimistic






How I realized helping couples is what I wanted to do with my life.


How I went from poor communicator and divorcee to the expert on loving, connected couples.


I got married at 26 years old.


Before there was a relationship expert and teacher…


Before there were hundreds of couples in my community…


There was a wife (me) who didn’t understand that we should actually feel our feelings and talk aloud to our partner about them. And work together to get both of our needs and wishes met to be happy.  Plus, my husband had the same poor relationship skills.


I felt unhappy and alone even though I was married to the man I had thought was “the one”.  And, after 4 years, we got divorced.  


I’m still sad about our untapped potential for a successful marriage, but we didn’t know how to communicate, work problems through and come out happy on the other side.


After the divorce, I moved to Seattle and entered graduate school for my doctorate in psychology.  During my studies and in lots of further study after, I learned vast amounts about communication, how to express feelings and how to resolve problems successfully as well as the mindsets necessary for a successful marriage.  


Those were the missing elements.  And I learned them (and so can you!).


Gratefully, I got married again 5 years after the divorce, and our marriage was filled with lots of joy and love.  We have two wonderful grown children who have amazing spouses and children of their own. 

How did I do it? I became a cocktail waitress :)


Two years into my doctoral studies, I was bored and unhappy.


It always seemed like a cool thing to be a professor. The prestige, the benefits… but deep down I realized that’s not who I wanted to be.


I knew my life dreams wouldn’t be fulfilled if I stayed in the direction I was going. 


In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d get a PhD, but here I was, getting one.  So how could I be so unhappy? 


Then I let myself remember how much I wanted to be a psychologist, which had seemed so impossible before.


Like many couples who are facing difficult relationship challenges, I had to take a step back and realize that there was something I could do about my situation. I didn’t have to stay stuck or give up. 


So I switched my focus from speech pathology and turned away from the full ride scholarship that came with it. I knew I could face any challenges that came my way. I was finally pursuing my dream profession!


Of course, no scholarship means no money.


So, to fund my dream of helping mend families and relationships, I became a cocktail waitress.  That was my job in the evenings.


During the daytime, I worked hard and got my PhD in psychology.  I have been working as a psychologist for 30+ years, helping many hundreds of couples heal and grow their relationships.


And now I’m taking another step:


I discovered that by building an online business of virtual Relationship Coaching and Home Study Online Courses, I could reach thousands of couples who need my help and not be constrained by who could come into my physical office. 


I could use all of the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained as a psychologist and also learn as much as possible about working online effectively as a relationship coach. 


  • I doubled down and took several years of courses in coaching and in how to create an online business. 


  • I went to work learning all that I could, from many different mentors, and have now developed a research-based, proven process for teaching and supporting couples to grow into exceptional couples.


  • I took the processes, techniques and strategies I had used with my couples therapy clients and have made them into courses.


  • I knew the value of private coaching to accelerate and fine-tune the work with couples, so I added that to my business.


  • In these times, when we get increasingly isolated from friends and family due to being busy, looking at screens all day, and raising children, and of course,  COVID, the idea of having a community to learn with and from each other, is very appealing to many people.  So, I’ve added a free, public Facebook group, Committed Couples Growing Together. 


  •  And, I’ve created a private Facebook group for people who have chosen to be part of my inner community through taking my courses and/or having private coaching.  


I’ve learned how to greatly expand the number of couples I can reach so that:


  • More couples can learn that they CAN make changes and become happier, more peaceful and loving.


  • Partners can be intentional about tending and nurturing their relationship so that they don’t drift apart emotionally.


  • Families aren’t shattered by divorce.


  • Couples can each flourish within their relationship while the relationship flourishes, as well.


  • Couples can put an end to stalemates and  painful arguments by learning excellent communication strategies and techniques so that they can talk with each other about anything and everything.


  • Each couple can learn to be exceptional in their ability to love one another and be loved, to grow closer and closer, as the years go by. 


Over the years I’ve developed the reputation for teaching things in an easy-to-learn, action-based process.


This is due to years of experience and learning.  I’ve listened carefully to my clients telling me what has worked and what didn’t, and have honed my processes to incorporate that feedback.  


Together, you and I can work together to create the relationship of your dreams.


I’ve told you this story (all true) to help you understand that I know what it’s like to not know the steps to repair and/or grow your relationship. And what tools, strategies and mindsets are needed to be successful and even exceptional.  


I’ve got you.  You’ve come to the right place!  Let’s do this together!!


Are you ready to take the REAL action steps for building the relationship that you want?


You know it isn’t a quick fix.  In fact, stay away from anyone who says they have a 3-day or 2-week cure for your relationship.  You know that’s not possible. 


But, I know that if you’ve read this far, you’re ready to take action to propel your relationship from where it is now to where you want it to be. 


You want to feel confident that every minute of effort you invest will pay off 10X, even 100X, right?   


Ready to take your leap and start getting Real traction in building the relationship of your dreams?


If you would like to have a FREE conversation with me to figure out your next best steps, I love to talk with you. Click the button below.